VIP department
VIP department

The VIP Unit is situated on the 13, 14 and 15 floors of the hospital. The 13 floor(V1) is the outpatient area. The 14 and 15 floors(V2 and V3) are the inpatient area.

At the VIP unit, we consider each birth as a very important event of one's life, which is why we are equipped With the most advanced medical equipment and provide a modern management. As a family centered Maternity, you will be taken care of in a safe and spacious facility. Our comfortable environment will make you and your family members feel at home.

The VIP outpatient Center provides a full range of obstertrical and gynecological services: including well women's checkup, prenatal checkup, mammary checkup and a series of Outpatient, OB/GYN procedures etc. All the checkups are done on the same floor(13floor), making it much easier for the patients. One person is allowed to stay with you during both your consultation and ultrasound. The VIP outpatient Center is equipped with a 3D ultrasound machine and we can easily print out a picture for you to keep as a memory.

Each private room in the VIP center is designed to comfortably accommodate you and your support person. During your labor, Delivery and Recovery, you will be staying in one single room: the Delivery room. State-of-the-art equipment and caring staff ensure a safe and comfortable birthing experience. Our Postpartum rooms have all the amenities of a hotel room as well as adjustable bed and a baby cradle, making it a relaxing environment in which you, your family and your friends can welcome the arrival of your new baby.